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Summer Reading


May 25, 2020

Dear Parents,

To encourage students to continue reading throughout the summer, the English teachers have selected summer novels for their classes.

Please purchase an unabridged copy of the novel from any bookstore or web site such as Amazon, Books a Million, or Barnes and Noble. Students should finish reading the novel(s) before the first day of school and should be prepared to take a test, complete an analysis, or write an essay on the novel(s) during the first week or two of school.

Furthermore, students need to access (Academics / Departments / English) to find the reading guides and/or assignments for their assigned novels. Some teachers are providing an assignment that student must complete as they read the book, while other teachers are merely providing explanatory material and outline questions for review.

Please encourage your child to complete this summer assignment.


Holy Savior Menard English teachers

Click on the course below to access reading guides. 

English 7    English 7 Honors

English 8    English 8 Honors 

English I     English I Honors 

English II    English II Honors 

English III   English III Honors 

English IV & English IV Honors  (The Alchemist)

English IV Honors (Ethan Frome)