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Mission & Vision


Holy Savior Menard exists to form students, in collaboration with their parents and church parishes, to make disciples and build the Kingdom of God.


Holy Savior Menard, a Catholic school, is committed to fulfilling the mission of the people of God and fostering the dialogue between the Church and mankind through intellectual, spiritual, human, and vocational formation.

An intellectual vision that develops a rigorous academic curriculum taught through dedicated, professional, and Christ-centered faculty.

Developing spiritually to become more aware of the gift of faith and to grow in Christian discipleship.

Human formation of students to practice right judgment in personal health, in family life, and in community involvement.

Vocational formation by serving the Lord and by proclaiming the goodness in accomplishing His will.


As a Catholic School, we believe that:

1. Exceptional teaching inspires individuals to be critical thinkers who are actively engaged in lifelong learning.

2. An intentional education and a spiritual advancement prepare our students to thrive in a diverse culture.

3. Frequent worship of God in the true presence of the Eucharist is the Source and the Summit of the Catholic faith.

4. Growing the catholic identity through prayer, study, retreats and peer ministry essential to spiritual development.

5. All students are valued individuals with unique gifts that are to be cultivated through academic and faith formation.

6. The formation of faithful disciples attracts people to participate responsibly in the life and in the mission of the community.

7. Striving for the growth of the Mystical Body of Christ and the ability to judge rightly are fundamental to Catholic education.

8. By living the vision and the mission of Holy Savior Menard, all stakeholders shall truly build the Kingdom of God.


“To Know, To Love, and To Serve”


Holy Savior Menard, located in Alexandria, Louisiana, is a Catholic co-educational high school, grades seven through twelve. The school’s philosophy is founded in the teachings and example of Jesus, particularly as depicted in the parable of the Good Shepherd (John 10: 1-21). Inspired by our Lord’s love and concern for each individual as truly unique and special, we strive to provide an environment that affords a quality education supporting each student’s spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development. We seek an environment in which each student can acquire a sense of responsibility to God, to creation, to community, to family, and to self.

Since 1892, Holy Savior Menard has sought to provide a quality education for all students. The school’s purpose is to develop an educational environment that fosters Christian values, as well as the principles of equality and respect.

The curriculum and environment at Holy Savior Menard are designed for the development of the whole person and vigorously encourage academic excellence. The curriculum of Holy Savior Menard promotes the traditional qualities of a Catholic education: high academic standards, discipline, personal and community development, and commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.