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Letter from the Department Head:

Greetings in Christ Jesus!

The Religion Department of Holy Savior Menard Central High School teaches doctrine according to the Magisterium of the Church as articulated by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Our mission is to create an atmosphere where students are able to recognize and communicate their experiences of God and the things of God within the framework of Catholic Tradition. 

Our religious educators encourage students to pursue continual growth in their knowledge and experience of faith.  We strive to prepare students to live a rich sacramental life through a real and loving relationship with the Lord.

Throughout each year of study, students discover their own identity as Children of God and experience the joy of serving others as Christ serves us, selflessly.  To build our faith community, students are encouraged to worship God and to minister to the needs of others through the M.O.R.E. project as defined in the curriculum and in conjunction with our Campus Ministry Department.

Religion as an academic subject promotes an understanding of truth and virtue.  Our courses and our staff strive to bring about the Kingdom of God in this world and to prepare students to live with Him in the next.  Nurturing spirituality in the Menard community seeks to establish a personal and prayerful relationship with the entire Trinity.

We look forward to accompanying each child through this journey.

In Christ,
Jessica Sanders


We follow the The Six Tasks of Catechesis recommended by the USCCB in the The National Directory for Catechesis.  The school requires that all students participate in its religious education program.

  1. Promote knowledge of the faith – Teach the “basics” of the faith as revealed in the signs of creation, Sacred Scripture, Catholic tradition and human experience.
  2. Liturgical Education – Teach about the form and meaning of the liturgy and the sacraments and help individuals prepare their minds and hearts to enter into these mysteries of our faith.
  3. Moral Formation – Teach the moral teachings of the Church which are the fulfillment of the Commandments.
  4. Teaching to Pray – Teach that a “climate of prayer” and participation in prayer invites individuals into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  5. Education for Community Life – Teach that the human person needs to live in society. Society is not optional, but a requirement of human nature.
  6. Missionary Initiative – Teach that all Christian service is an expression of love and is performed by Christians for the purpose of building up the Kingdom of God on earth.

Junior High Curriculum

For grades 7 and 8, the Religion courses in Junior High School are designed to offer a solid foundation in the basic teachings of Christianity, provide an introduction to both the Old and New Testament scriptures, and address the questions naturally arising in a young persons faith life. The religion courses are taught on the firm and explicit basis of the School's Catholic identity.  Thus all students profit from them, and the Catholic students receive training, encouragement and guidance in the understanding and practice of their faith. Because of the various backgrounds of the students entering (both Catholic and non-Catholic), the program starts with two years of catechetical instruction: basic doctrine in the first year, structured according to the Apostles' Creed; and Christian living in the second year, involving the study of Christian morality and the Church's worship (sacraments and liturgy). The courses acquaint them with the necessary historical introductions to the books of the Bible and guide them through the most important texts of both testaments.

High School Curriculum

For grades 9-12, we follow the recommended sequence recommended by the USCCB in the General Directory for Catechesis.   We use The Didache Series in addition to the following topics by grade. See the next section for Additional Curriculum Topics necessary to fulfill the Six Tasks of Catechesis.

Grade 9:  Understanding The Scriptures Authored by Dr. Scott Hahn, this book presents a thorough examination of the history of salvation as presented in Sacred Scripture, which finds its fulfillment in Jesus Christ. It studies Divine Revelation through its sources in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. An excellent resource for biblical studies.

Grade 10:  The History of the Church This book presents the story of God's intervention into human history from the Incarnation until the present day. It emphasizes God as the Lord of history and his actions that demonstrate his love for his People. An excellent resource for anyone seeking to know more about the history of the Catholic Church.

Grade 11:  Our Moral Life in Christ A detailed study of the moral life in Christ-based on his teachings in the Gospels, the Ten Commandments, and the Beatitudes-which enable Christians, with God's grace, to imitate the life of Christ in their lives, to make correct moral decisions, and to spread the Kingdom of God on earth in their journey toward eternal salvation. This book presents the life of Christ and his teachings as the basis of moral theology.

Grade 12:  The Mystery of Redemption and Christian Discipleship This study examines God’s plan of and the need for redemption after the Fall of Adam and Eve, shows the various ways God promised redemption throughout the Scriptures, and finally looks at the redeeming act of Christ’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection as the realization of those promises.

Menard Apostles for Christ: MAC Team is considered a senior elective course, and those students selected receive one credit hour in Christian leadership for their participation and service. This course is by invitation and counts for Religion IV. Menard Apostles for Christ ( MAC) is a course geared around service to the students of Holy Savior Menard through active prayer, witness, and other forms of ministry. The student, through a grounding in the presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, will grow in self-discovery, Christian sacrifice for others, and the joy that comes through being Christ for one another. The student will hear the call of Jesus to “Come and follow Me,” and learn how to live it out in his/her daily life through active service. Those who are selected for service on the MAC Team are expected to uphold Christian values, be willing to follow all instructions found in the Holy Savior Menard student handbook, and actively participate in their Christian faith on and off campus.

Additional Curriculum Topics

Grades 7-12

Liturgical Education Mass Boot Camp (2 week intense “Know the Mass” workshop at the beginning of each year.) Rotating grade level responsibility for weekly Mass. The Mass, then, is a real sacrifice, Christ’s once-for-all offering of himself that nonetheless happens again and again for the benefit of the church. It is an opportunity for the assembled community to join itself to Christ’s gift of his life and imitate it in their own sacrificial love. “If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy.”  St. Jean Vianney

Teaching to Pray Yearly grade level retreats. Required time in adoration once every 6 weeks. Supplemental reading will be used to purposely communicate #4 and #5 of the six tasks

Missionary Initiative Menard Out Reach Experience (M.O.R.E. Project)