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Social Studies


Through its course offerings, the Social Studies Department at Holy Savior Menard strives to empower its students with a sense of appreciation of citizenship and a desire to dedicate themselves to improving their community.  Throughout the course of their years at Holy Savior Menard, students will study the following:  the unique birth and development of the State of Louisiana; the struggles and successes in early America; the geographic wonders of our planet; the process and procedure of each citizen’s civic duties; the reconstruction of the United States following its destructive Civil War; and the spreading of civilization throughout the world’s recorded history.  In an effort to offer students a more rigorous course of instruction, the Social Studies Department currently offers Honors American History and World History, and Dual Enrollment American History and Western Civilization to those students who meet the specified requirements.  Ultimately, the Department’s goal is to equip its students with a sense of purpose as Americans, to not only appreciate the rights which they have been given, but to also respect the rights of their fellow man.


Louisiana History - 7th Grade

American Studies - 8th Grade


World Geography - 9th Grade

Civics - 10th Grade

American History (College Preparatory, Honors, Dual Enrollment) - 11th Grade

World History (College Preparatory, Honors, Dual Enrollment) - 12th Grade

Elective:  Law Studies